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Lessons are geared to teach you about music and how to apply music to the guitar.  Lessons are also tailored to the student's age and experience level.  Students of any age are welcome, as I have experience teaching students as young as age 6, as well as children with special needs. 
Topics will include, but are not limited to: Music Notation, Chords, Rhythm, Chord Progressions, Scales, Warm-up Exercises, Theory, Improvisation, and General technique. 
My goals for lessons have always been about the student learning how to play and understand the guitar, and to empower the student to express themselves through their instrument.


Online Lessons
Single 30 minute lesson: $25 
Weekly 30 minute lessons per month: $88
Billed Monthly - reserves your weekly time and there is no extra charge if there is a 5th week in a calendar month (Holidays excluded). These lessons will be scheduled by the instructor and you will receive a monthly invoice.
Your Location 
(depending on day/time/location)
30 minute  lesson: $30
I enjoy teaching students from all over the country. I currently have students in MA, CT, RI, IL, TX, FL, MD, VT, & CA.

What you will need for online lessons:

High speed internet connection, Webcam, Microphone, Zoom or Skype account, Paypal, AND a guitar! ;)

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