I designed this preset for a Line 6 Helix Rack/Foot Control V3.0, 2 expression pedals, and my 5150 III 50w amp/cab. My amp has been modded to have concentric gain and volume pots for channels 1 and 2. 

All blocks used were stock in the Helix. 


Global eq to XLR output only.

Preset Mode Switches  : Snap/Stomp



I have my amp channels programed to the following midi channels: CH1 Green = PC4, CH2 Blue = PC2, CH3 Red = PC3.

In Command Center Instant 1 is set to turn on the 5150s FX loop 


Disclaimer: Gain levels will have to be adjusted for your specific amp. I would suggest starting with all the gains and volume controls  brought down as low as possible and then slowly bring them up adjusting for your specific needs. Depending on your levels and what you have in the preset you are switching from, you may hear a small pop through your amp. I am not responsible if you damage your equipment.

4CM AmpModAcoust - Helix Rack Preset


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